As the CEO of (DiSEL21 Ltd), I provide consultancies to and in collaboration with our partner companies, both to partners whenever direct mutual benefits and synergy effects are identified as well as to other companies and organisations in the education industry with indirect benefits from sharing the valuable information I've gathered.

A key role in building and promoting is to create wide-spread awareness of the new problems and solutions of the entire education industry. For decision makers, it's vital to understand the underlying reasons behind the problems, as well as to understand that the solutions already exist, and, more importantly, understand how to effectively implement them.

This is what we address with and video storytelling as a teaching and learning method. It's not just a digital platform. It's a method that changes completely the learning process. What it is and how this works is a solution. In my consultancies, we dig deep into the problem to pave way for why the systems, models and solutions still in use today worldwide, in most cases do not work nor fulfil any purpose. Then, and only then, it will be clear why we need the kind of solutions that EdVisto provides.

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