The Founder

Joni J Michael AlWindi
CEO, (DiSEL21 Ltd.)
M.Sc. Economics and Business, Stockholm School of Economics
CEMS M.Sc. International Management, St Gallen University
Former PhD Candidate of Economics of Education at Rosario University, Bogotá

Multicultural social and business entrepreneur running the EdTech company DiSEL21 Ltd. in Finland (

"My interest in education as a professional career started for real at carrying out the fieldwork in one of the largest and most dangerous slums in Colombia for my Master's thesis in international economics. During an adventure visiting almost 200 schools in Aguablanca, an area full of wonderful, constantly smiling people - which became more and more of a privilege rather than a research task - I discovered amazing opportunities (and great problems) that attracted my passionate attention.

It's difficult to explain how rewarding it is just to be present, showing that you care and want to work on helping to improve the situation. The hundreds of smiles and curious faces per day that met me truly received me as if it were meant for me to be there, that I had found my place in life, at least then and there.

To study economics doesn't really define what you're supposed to do the rest of your life. There are so many opportunities in so many different industries and countries. To carry out a fieldwork in a complicated slum area, THAT defines a purpose, although not necessarily revealing how to go about it.  

Sadly, the road to success isn't as easy as it should and could be. What should have happened right after publishing the thesis didn't happen. The financial crisis of 2008 hit and all potential funding for continued research and project work was canceled, and the promising network of strong contacts was not enough to build on the momentum on the ground.

This initiative towards a for purpose organization uniting the winds of change will strive towards action steps that should have been taken long ago. Please see the mission and vision for further information and don't hesitate to join in any way you can."

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