The Future of Education

From having workshopped with countless numbers of teachers, observing how students become and don't become engaged in the learning process, my voice concerning what I feel needs to be said and heard around the education industry and beyond is becoming more and more crystalized. For proper validation, I pitched a talk for a huge event (from my perspective and limited speaking experience) and am now signed up to talk about my findings under the topic:

"The future of education - from far-fetched vision to immediate impact" 

in Cartagena, Colombia, in July (

On a high level, I observe how governments worldwide are taking decisions towards reforming their education systems with a modern approach. Modern education solutions are overpopulated with technology, having targeted a need that pedagogical decision makers have not been fast enough to fulfill. With 150 000+ apps for learning only in App Store, it's impossible for teachers and decision makers to navigate this jungle in any consistent way. An understanding of the need to look for specific pedagogical quality is being developed and the question is who will provide it and how.

I think proactive teachers have always been the heroes of the education industry, spending countless hours to learn about ways to improve their teaching. However, when they are stuck in bureaucratic systems due to no fault of their own, we need new heroes to join forces with the traditional educators. Working and leading my third edtech company now, I highly appreciate the great persistence that is required to survive as an education entrepreneur, both to successfully navigate through the noise and to find a sustainable business model.

In Finland, where the first Accelerator for Education Businesses of the Nordics was created just a year ago, a unique ecosystem of players has been developed to boost new education startups in collaboration with local governments, schools and universities. The model has already gained global attention and Finland, having been on the global map as an education superpower for over a decade, is highly enjoying the attention. At the same time, the Finnish National Board of Education has as late as in August 2016, put into effect a new national core curriculum that goes hand-in-hand with the development of the global society overall, which has set the stage for global education reform.

Spain, and more specifically, Alicante, is just about to experience how this ecosystem can be developed. The company Fun Academy has been an igniting force in this project. A first event, which I happened to be able to join in on already in the planning phase, is to set the pace for the development in the city. Right now, I'm on my way to prepare for the event and look much forward to an exciting week.