Academic Entrepreneur Combines Research and Practice - the Story Continues...

A short interview about my entrepreneurial story (in Finnish) has reignited my interest to continue telling my story on a larger scale. Two initial talks, at a local high school and at Aalto University Executive Education, gave me the opportunity to start reflecting anew on the entrepreneurial aspect of my last 10 years.

As a hobby project, I'm back to writing the complete first draft of my "5 Years in Colombia - How I Reeducated Myself in the Slums", while I'm a little more than 2 years in to working on making "Video Storytelling as a Learning Method" the next big thing in the education system of Finland and worldwide.

5 years have passed, since I moved back from Colombia and I have now spent another 5 years in Finland, the educational Mecca of the world. In Colombia, I got to visit 200 schools in the slums of Aguablanca, an adventure that started an eyeopening learning journey that still continues here in Finland. Here, after having worked with hundreds of Finnish teachers, while fine-tuning our learning platform that aims to grow global to empower the children of the world, I'm experiencing how all the pieces are falling into place in the grand jig-saw puzzle of my professional ambitions.

I'll continue using this space for my own reflections, possibly publishing some of the chapters from my book, possibly rehearsing some of the material I aim to use for teacher trainings. I've spent the last year and a half digging into the craft of storytelling, taking it as a professional training as well as a passion project to start developing my own storytelling skills. Although my stories might not be published here, my reflections will.