Education Technology (App) Entrepreneurship, Here We Go!

Six months in the field of edtech entrepreneurship this week. It feels like I started my company only last week, but what a ride so far already! Some things have gone slowly, others quickly.

I joined my Swedish partner, the tech guy behind the present and coming products, by starting a partner company in Finland. So far, we've got the Minimum Viable App working in 3 new languages, English, Spanish and Finnish; a demo version in Arabic that we showed off during our internal kick off in Saudi Arabia (during a pretty intense education fair); joined a couple of Finnish education events, with another big one in two days, as I've mentioned; and quite a lot of networking successfully connecting me forward.

Pilot projects, new developments and media is now in full progress on the agenda, as well as marketing and sales. If the first product can be improved to take off in Finland or Latin America as the original version did in Sweden, we're all set to focus on a next generation product portfolio of gamified language learning.

Here, a first demo illustrates the starting point. The EdApp development is just about to begin, so stay tuned... :)