Reconnecting with Academic Research as Education Entrepreneur

Things move slowly in the academic world. It is, however, an important world that I wish would have more direct impact in real time. I am presently working on a small contribution to make my own work more relevant and widespread, although embarrassingly many years behind my initial plans.

In 2007, as this blog highlights, I carried out the field research for my Master thesis in Aguablanca in Cali. In 2008, before presenting the results in Newcastle and Stockholm, I practically moved to Colombia to push the research further then and there, without much success. In Newcastle, an older master student was inspired by the work and in 2009, we were in the field together carrying out a small advancement of the work. In 2010, I was accepted as a PhD candidate in economics to specialize further in the economics of education. I declined due to the extremely high term fee. In June 2011, I was offered a full scholarship for the PhD program and a full-time employment as a young researcher for the same university. This was exactly what I had wanted, three years earlier. By now, I had lost faith in the abstract world of academic research requiring years of theoretical studies completely disconnected from the schools that I already knew how to help.

I have instead chosen a path as an education entrepreneur and will, with my continued interest in education research, combine these two fields to connect my academic knowledge and interest with real time and real world actions.

This is what 2014 holds for me. Here we go!