Remembering Our Second Hero

I have the ambition to write significantly more frequently on this blog this year than before for several reasons. One reason is that I'm back working with education full time on a more concrete level than before. Another reason is that I joined a challenge to blog 100 days in a row as a kickstart to my writing this year. The challenge started on the 1st of March and any posting is accepted.

Now, unfortunately it's just passed midnight in Finland, but i) it's still before bedtime for me, and ii) it's a Swedish challenge called Blogg100, and in Sweden it's still Saturday. :)

I'm writing on the research article since about 2 hours. I'll continue remembering the heroes in Aguablanca by mentioning our second one here: GREAT GERARDO. As I mentioned about 5 (OMG!) years ago, he started his own foundation briefly after having helped us so greatly, both in 2007 and in 2009. I don't know in what state the foundation is today, but it was called Fundación Social Sembrando Semillas de Amor. Some day, we'll meet again... I hope.