Schools in the Cloud - the Imminent Reality that should have been obvious already decades ago

Four and a half years ago, I sat in the office of a very pleasant and amusing professor from India. I had been invited by Pauline Dixon and introduced to this fine gentleman in conjunction with the presentation of my master thesis findings. He was explaining his research and experiments while showing pictures of them on his computer screen. He described how a computer connected to the internet had been placed in the middle of a poor slum area in an Indian city, and how amazing things had started to happen. Children had curiously approached the computer kiosk and, little by little, started learning a fascinating amount of things. (Also mentioned in my very first blog post here,

Roughly two weeks ago, on February 28, 2013, Sugata Mitra was selected as winner of the year's TED Prize award for his revolutionary discoveries, which through years of research and experiments have resulted in today's most innovative approach to learning for children, first and foremost for children without access to schooling or teachers, but also for all children in the world. The Hole in the Wall, or rather the Minimally Invasive Education (MIE) methodology is now showing the way to resolving the greatest problem of humanity: How to educate all citizens of the world. This is NOT to be confused with traditional old-fashioned "obsolete" schooling. Quality education, when approached by means of guiding and encouraging of the skill of learning, is the one most important factor that can thoroughly improve the world across all fields of life. Learning of whatever is necessary for each individual to be able to strive towards fulfillment and happiness.

I have joined the network to help promoting Sugata Mitra's Schools in the Cloud. Please check Sugata's talk on TED if you've not done it already, following the following link:

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