Aguablanca Tribute Video (unedited version)

This is the original uncut tribute video for the children in Aguablanca (© Joni AlWindi 2007-2011). The final cut is available at Aguablanca 2007 Tribute Video.

By: Joni AlWindi and Patrik Åkerman

Now, at my 7th return from Colombia in 7 years, with everything regarding my presence in the country suddenly on-hold, a rush of emotions go through me as I watch this video again. I'm going through some old files and preparing to start full-time work back "home", but this project towards the UnitedWinds Foundation will be back, in one form or another, although it should be regarded a failure not to have built up the foundation by now (with or without financial crisis and with or without PhD scholarships offered too late).

Everything has its time and my time to stay in Colombia is not now. Whatever happens with this initiative during my being in Sweden remains to be seen. I can only say what I believe to be true: I'll be back!