Shakira Inaugurates Construction of New School

On Monday April 11, Shakira inaugurated the construction of a new school in Colombia together with the philanthropist Howard Buffet. The school aims to reach out to the vulnerable people of the coastal city of Cartagena.

Shakira's website informs that "the project is set to become an urban milestone, a motor of change for 1,500 boys and girls who will benefit directly and 58,000 residents of the Cerro de Popa community" and "...
will be built on a site spanning 7,500 meters squared where students and parents will enjoy classrooms, laboratories, technology and audiovisual centers; multiple sporting fields, teachers and administration, as well as ample space for recreation, art and sports in accordance with the educational philosophy of Pies Descalzos."

Shakira personally said: “I know that the world, little by little will understand that wherever there is a kid who is hungry and can’t attend school…that kid should be a concern to all of us and our responsibility. I’m sure that this awareness will grow in each one of us, because the world has become a small neighborhood, and we should all be concerned about the issues that others have to face.”

This new projekt is for sure another great inspiration for us education passionate people and as soon as I get the opportunity I'll make sure to visit the finished school.