33 Sustainable Formation

Strolling around in Aguablanca, or rather walking from a bakery to a school we were about to visit, I ran into Maicol, one of the very helpful guys who had accompanied me and Patrik on several occasions (and thus mentioned on our thesis' acknowledgment page, which I could show him). He's one of the kids with a tough background now enjoying life as a painter and break dancer working with formation processes of kids with a present similar to his past for the Corporación Juan Bosco (the Corporation).

I presented him to Michael and, as I copied his cell phone number, showed him the difference in spelling of their otherwise equal name. Yes, Maicol is a common Colombian spelling of Michael. I promised to give him a ring before Michael leaves (on June 4) with the hopes of having a small reunion with the people who helped me with my thesis and present them to Michael for future reference.

On the picture we have from left to right, Adela, who in an equal fashion as Dora and Gerardo was a rock and great-humoured spirit during my visits to schools with Patrik. On my other side is Jennifer, a seemingly timid young woman with great aspirations of one day actually being the director of the Corporation. She's also a result of great formation by the people at the Corporation. Next to her is Leidy, who also accompanied us once and finally of course we have my thesis partner Patrik.