32 Beautiful Picture - Beautiful Book

My picture of the month (the 5th in the slideshow): http://www.ncl.ac.uk/egwest/colombiapictures.html

I would like to recommend a book by quoting a piece of news from the EG West Center's website that Dr Pauline Dixon is keeping up to date, to my very dedicated interest.

"James Tooley's new book "The Beautiful Tree" was launched at CATO, Washington DC in April. The book is a personal account of his journey and research looking at education for the poor around the world. According to Publishers Weekly the book is "Surprising...engaging...a moving account of how poor parents struggle against great odds to provide a rich educational experience to their children." —PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. James also appeared on ABC News and gave several interviews on the East Coast. James is also this year's speaker at the IEA for the Hayek Memorial Lecture on 11th June 2009, where he will be signing copies of his book. Extracts from Tooley's book have been published on the Globalist website." (http://www.ncl.ac.uk/egwest/news.html)

Having just received a couple of emails from a German publisher of academic research claiming that it "would be especially interested in publishing your [my] dissertation in the form of a printed book", I cannot but feel excited about possibly becoming a published author myself in a near future.

Equally exciting was it to find one of my very own favourite pictures among the plenty of impressive ones on EG West Center's website. If you've read the earlier posts (especially number 27) you might recognise it from the slideshow on this website (same as above): http://www.ncl.ac.uk/egwest/colombiapictures.html