26 New Shortcuts back to the Field

A year and a half ago, we got into the network of contacts, including vital permission and authority from the 3 local heads of municipal department of education in Aguablanca, thanks to the following chain of contacts: Principal of the school I worked with for a year -> Principal of the school's educational branch in Aguablanca -> Heads of municipal department of education in Aguablanca.

The phone number I was given a year and a half ago that we now needed didn't work. However, it was still enough to pick up the phone yesterday and call another friend who could set up the wanted meeting already for today. A very quick and friendly meeting with almost as much friendly conversation about personal matters as the strategy for Michael's work. We were fortunate enough to hear that already this Friday the head of education will hold a meeting with the principals in the area where we'll get enough space and time to motivate Michael's presence. A brief discussion concluded that this area will more than suffice for Michael's work, as it is more in-deapth than broad-scaled.

The field study of 2007 was also much facilitated by similar meetings held by the heads of education for the principals of all the schools in the area. Patrik and I could thereby properly present ourselves and our intention to visit all the schools and the purpose for doing so. To make more efficient the investigation we handed out the questionnaires for the principals to have finished filling in for us at the time of our visit. Many principals started filling them out already during the meetings and we could collect several finished ones already by the end of the meeting. I'm sure this was one of the key factors helping us achieve the amount of visits as we did.