28 More Reencounters

Just passed this intersection today and I remembered having posed with a cow last time I walked here. This time, however, no cow.

Funnier though was to see the dog on the other picture below again. A small, old dog without teeth that Gerardo scared Patrik with a year and a half ago. Hopefully I can get a picture of him next week when we're returning to the private school, Santa Rosa, where he spends his days in mummy's office.

Another flashback appeared at the visit of this public school, where I jumped jump rope with the kids last time according to the other picture to the left. On the visit today there were barely no kids in the school since there was a parents'-teachers' meeting this day that we had come to to distribute Michael's question-naires. As opposed to in other schools, where I usually get to make a short speach before the 200 or so parents before distributing the questionnaires, in this school a very helpful teacher helped us with distributing the questionnaires as if it were a mandatory part of the meeting.

We got to the school at 8 o'clock and finished around 9:40. Some children that were present were especially curious about our visit and asked us many questions about our countries, if they were "cool", and if we were coming back after finishing our work, what their names were in English.